BeautiControl Reviews: What Consumers Are Saying About this Skin Care Company?

The BeautiControl skin care and cosmetics line carries a wide array of products, and if you have never used this brand in the past, reading BeautiControl reviews and discovering the company’s approach to skin care, the ingredients they use, and how long this skin care company has been in business may help you decide if the brand is right for you. This company (which allows their customers to become consultants and third-party distributors for their products), has been in business for more than thirty years. However, though it can be very helpful to work directly with a consultant, reading unbiased BeautiControl reviews written by dermatologists or other skin care experts may help you make a better purchasing decision, which is important if you have a limited skin care budget.

Many of the products featured in the company’s skin care collection feature items that fight the signs of aging, such as fine lines, age spots, and sun damage. If you’re adding anti-aging products to your skin care kit for the first time, take the time to speak with a skin care professional, and read BeautiControl reviews to gauge whether it’s the right brand of skin care and cosmetics for you.

BeautiControl Company History

BeautiControl was founded over three decades ago and is currently owned by Tupperware Brands, the company famous for selling plastic containers and housewares. Much like other companies that carry both skin care collections and cosmetics, BeautiControl distributes its products through customers who like the products enough to become consultants who sell to friends and family. According to a few BeautiControl reviews, this is an advantage to those who buy the products because not only do they have a direct line to someone who represents the company.

By working directly with a company representative, potential customers get the chance to sample some of the products before making a purchase, which saves time and money. The products are also available via the company’s website for those who do not want to buy them through a consultant.

BeautiControl Reviews: Products

Some BeautiControl reviews written by skin care professionals claim that the company’s cleansers and moisturizers are among their most effective items. Others focus on the collection of men’s products, which contains a variety of ingredients that may be problematic for the skin, such as; alcohol, which can dry out the skin, and parfum (fragrance), which can cause itching and flakiness.

However, other reviews note that some ingredients contained in their anti-aging line may be beneficial. These include retinol, which is an effective cell communicator and helps the skin shed dead and dying cells more efficiently, and vitamin C, which destroys free radicals and prevents premature aging.

It’s important to note that although some of these ingredients may help improve the appearance of the skin, some BeautiControl reviews report that several of the products, such as those from the company’s facial combination collection, made their skin itchy. This reaction may be due to either sensitivity or allergic reaction. If you have ever suffered from such a reaction in the past, you may want to consult your dermatologist before trying the company’s products.

BeautiControl Reviews: Company Policies

Some BeautiControl reviews from consumers claim that their consultants were reluctant to offer refunds or exchanges on any products and told them it was the company’s policy. While it is true that BeautiControl does not offer refunds or exchanges on its foundation, concealer, or other color products; skin care and bath and body items may be exchanged within thirty days of the invoice date. If you are uncertain about any company information contained in BeautiControl reviews, you may contact the manufacturer directly with any additional questions.