Boots No 7 Skin Care Reviews

Boots carries a wide variety of skin care and cosmetic products, including the No 7 line of serums and creams that are designed to brighten, soften, and lift the skin; however, if you have never used these items before, you may be wondering what Boots No 7 skin care reviews have to say about the them and the company itself. Reading these reviews may not only help you learn a little more about the company’s history and their goals when it comes to customer care. Boots No 7 skin care reviews are available for individual products on the company website, but learning a little more about the company and the ingredients they use may also help you make a better purchasing decision. Further, your dermatologist may also be able to give you advice about the company’s products. In the meantime, reading Boots No 7 skin care reviews can give you a head start when it comes to choosing the skin care products that are right for you.

Boots No 7 Company Information

Boots was founded in 1839 and was named for its founder, John Boot, who was born in England, and began crafting and selling herbal medicines as a young adult and later practiced as a chemist. Boot was in poor health most of his life and died young, leaving his wife and son, Mary and Jesse, to run the company. His son turned the small business into a national chain, and soon, Boots stores were appearing all over England.

The company’s products didn’t come to America until 2004, when select products were released at a few pharmacy chains throughout the United States. This launch saw quite a bit of success, as Boots No 7 skin care reviews were favorable, and the entire line then became available in 2007.

Today, the company offers a wide variety of skin care, bath and body, and cosmetics items, as well as hair care and gifts for men and women. One of the most popular product lines is the No 7 collection, which some Boots No 7 skin care reviews claim are effective for softening the skin and fighting the signs of aging.

Boots No 7 Skin Care Reviews: Product Line Overview

Many Boots No 7 skin care reviews suggest that this product line – which includes foaming cleansers, eye balm, beauty masks, serums, and products that contain SPF protection – is popular with Boots customers because of the array of items that are available. However, while consumer reviews are for the most part positive, several overviews written by skin care professionals and beauty bloggers suggest that the company could improve its ingredient list. For example, some suggest that while products like No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream has a sunscreen rating of 15, this may not be sufficient-enough protection for those with lighter skin.

A few other Boots No 7 skin care reviews claim that while the company does include some beneficial ingredients in this product line, such as antioxidants and retinyl palmitate (which is an ester form of pure retinol), there are other ingredients that could be included to improve it. For example, none of the products included in this line contain pure retinol or alpha hydroxy acids, both of which have proven beneficial for aging skin.

Some of these reviews also suggest that the jar packaging used for some of the creams causes any antioxidant ingredients to become oxidized quickly, rendering them useless once the product is repeatedly exposed to the air.

While the absence of these ingredients and the packaging may not have any impact on your decision to purchase the company’s products, Boots No 7 skin care reviews offer a great deal of information that may enlighten you and help you spend your money more wisely.